Friday, January 10, 2014

kitchen: more than 6 weeks

The kitchen is, for the most part, DONE!  We arrived home from our holiday travels to a working range, running water, and a completely usable kitchen.  So for now, we'll call these the after pictures.  

I can't say that I've spent much time in the living room since returning home.  Of course, I've been so busy unpacking boxes of dishes, pots, and pans and trying to decide where to put it all that I haven't really had that much time to spend in the living room.  But honestly, if I did have loads of free time to kick back, I'd probably find something to bake or a meal to make ahead and freeze because, really, I'd rather be in the kitchen.

There are still some things we need to do - paint, stain and install trim, stain and/or just poly the shelves above the sink, install pulls, and figure out what to do about our refrigerator situation.  Don't you just love that dolly!  That would be why the fridge appears so wonky - not the plan.

The contractors discovered that the wheels on the fridge were cracked when they went to move it back into kitchen.  They actually literally fell off in transport.  Putting the fridge down on the ground isn't really an option right now because the metal part that holds the plastic wheels would do some serious damage to the new floors.  I know that these wheels can probably be replaced, but this issue has also made our thoughts of buying a new fridge all that more serious.  Though the space feels ten times larger with the new layout, it's still the same space we had had before, and the existing fridge is really deep.  It protrudes from the face of the cabinets about 6", not including the handle.  And when it is open fully, a person can barely slide by sideways at the end of it to get to the sink or range.  It's not the end of the world, but a french door style, counter depth fridge would really take care of that.  I had the contractors make the opening wide enough to accommodate this fine looking piece of machinery.  We'll see what happens.

These are my favorite part: the open shelves above the sink.  It's a nice visual break and helps the space at the sink feel roomy, especially since we didn't have the option to place the sink in front of a window.  I think Ted's favorite part, however, (besides just the fact that we have one again) is the soapstone countertops.  We oiled them last night and fell in love with them all over again.  We've learned, in the past few weeks, that soapstone is naturally antibacterial and a laxative (ew).  Just some interesting facts for you.  I'll be sure to get a better shot of them in a future post.

Here are the before pics for a look back at where we started.


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