Thursday, October 10, 2013

kitchen BEFORE

This is our kitchen NOW.  But say bye-bye because it will be completely gone soon!  We finally received pricing back from several contractors and have chosen to move forward with one.  Demolition will be underway by mid-Novemeber and hopefully we won't have to stray too far from our original vision for the space.  The floor plan may require some modification along the wall where the refrigerator will live because a duct that currently serves our daughter's room upstairs needs to be relocated to that side of the room.  I'm hoping we'll be able to hide it behind the planned wine and cookbook shelving to the left of the fridge and in the cabinet over the fridge if needed.

We hope to pull out the existing cabinetry and find a buyer on craigslist for them.  They are in good shape, but just are not configured in a way to maximize the small space of this kitchen.  I hope to also be able to sell the existing fridge and use the proceeds of both to purchase a new, counter-depth fridge for the space.

The existing sheet vinyl floor that is currently pulling away at the seams (see that spot by the corner of the range) will be torn out and replaced with wood to match the rest of the wood throughout the first floor of the house.

The side door entry stair will also be getting a facelift as it will now be completely visible from, and open to, the dining room.  Currently the steps have been outfitted with some lovely, brown, commercial, rubber treads.  Stylish, huh?!  And the landing has a nice frayed piece of teal carpet glued to the wood below.  It's all in the details, folks.

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