Wednesday, January 22, 2014

dining room: curtains vs. shades

Remember when I started thinking about tweaking some things in the dining room and then, surprise, the contractor was ready to start work on the kitchen?  Yea, I didn't think so.  It seems that long ago.  Well, now that the kitchen and dining room are pretty much complete, I've been thinking about all of the finishing touches.

We used to have dark wood blinds with to-the-floor curtains on the pair of windows facing the backyard.  The curtains and blinds were removed for construction and I've quite enjoyed having the window so open.  So much so that I have been reconsidering whether I should put the old blinds and curtains back up.  But we need something on the window.  They are old and drafty and having some type of covering gives us some privacy from the backyard neighbors and helps cut the drafts down substantially.

I've been thinking about shades, fabric shades, for all of the windows in the kitchen and dining room - one double window in the dining room, one window on the back door, and one small window in the kitchen.  Something a bit more minimal than the curtain/blind combo.  Something that won't extend all the way to the floor and weigh the room down, something to keep the space really airy and light.  I hit up my favorite site for shade browsing last week and found a few options.

Both of these are from The Shade Store.  The one on the left is a grey awning stripe tailored roman shade.  The one on the right is a taupe linen.  I love the bold, graphic aesthetic the stripes would provide.  Everything in the room is a little plain right now - the table is the same tone as the chairs, and there is a lot of wood.  But, though I like the idea of shades, I also find it hard to commit to shades in a bright color or bold pattern.  There's just something about the fact that you have to order then to size that makes them feel so permanent and that just frightens me.  And honestly, I love color and want to play with it a bit more.

Any thoughts on red?  Maybe not solid red, but a pattern.  Something like these:

I really loved these two rooms with red print to-the-floor curtains.  It really helps to warm up the rooms and makes them feel quite cozy.  I'd love to play with mixing pattern and texture in here while I still can.


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