Thursday, January 23, 2014

yellow walls (from the other Fort)

When I started this space several years ago, I intended it to be a shared space for both my sister and me. We imagined paperForts together and we sure do have big dreams for it. So, in the pursuit of accomplishing at least one of these dreams, I'd like to introduce you to my little sister Anastasia. She will be posting here regularly and taking you along for her ride - in life, design, and all things home. Give her a warm welcome!

Hello! It's Anastasia (or Auntiestasia if you ask Ella). I'm the sister that makes up the other half of paperForts!  I'm a freelance graphic designer working predominantly in web and UI design, based out of Atlanta, GA, where I live with my partner Tricia and dog, Mister. When I'm not working, I'm usually texting with my sister about the many projects we want to do or have already started around the house . . . which brings me to today's post . . . Yellow Walls!

We recently moved to a new neighborhood in Atlanta. While looking for a house to rent, we found this gem with beautiful open space, really nice amenities, and a fenced in backyard for Mister - exactly what we needed after a long and arduous experience at our previous rental (long story for another day). The one hang-up we had about this new place? The sunshine yellow paint that covers all the walls of the open floor plan. When we first saw the house, the color wasn't a big deal to me - anything can be painted. But when we went back to sign the lease, Tricia was definitely miffed by the yellow and I realized how much of the house was covered in this alarming color.  While nothing is wrong with the color in and of itself, I just never imagined decorating a yellow room. So, I asked our new landlords if we could paint to which they replied "Yes," as long as we got them to approve colors. Great! Where do I sign?

When we finally moved everything in, and were actually living within the yellow walls, I had to agree, it was a lot of yellow! From the front hall into the kitchen, across the dining area, through the living room, and down the back hall which, in total, makes up about half the house.  I've painted rooms before, and even a red wall like the one Mr. Big had in Sex in the City in my old rental which had super high ceilings and required three coats, but never have I ever had to paint what I estimate to be about 850 square feet at one time. It is a daunting task, but it is also too much yellow.

First we talked about just painting it all white - the easy route. But all the trim is white, so basically we would go from too much yellow to too much white. We loved the color they painted in the garage (go figure) so we thought a lighter version of that in either a warm or cool tone would go well with all the white trim and would pass the landlord's approval by going quite neutral.

Upon emailing our landlord our plans to paint, we were smacked in the face (not literally) with "We would rather you not..." 

WHAT!? Yea, get us to sign on the dotted line, and then make us live in all this YELLOW!? What is going on!? Later that day though, she changed her tune and replied that we could paint. But between the "We would rather you not...," she gave us earlier in the day and when she finally relaxed her position, I had come to the decision that it just wasn't worth buying all the paint and hiring painters or doing all the painting ourselves; it was just too big a job for a house we may only be in for a year or two.

Still, I couldn't shake this yellow wall fiasco, so I vented to my sister and, in all her genius, she immediately went on the hunt for some inspiration for all this yellow.  And thanks to sites like Pinterest, it's pretty easy to find inspiration whenever you need it.  Now, after all that, I'm actually pretty excited about the possibilities! Stay tuned!


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