Wednesday, October 30, 2013

abc photo hunt

Since we returned to Ann Arbor, we've gotten back to our Stroller Strides classes with Fit4Mom Ann Arbor.  We returned during ABC & 123 month (each month has a theme - for the kiddos mostly) and it got me thinking about one of the items left over on my "surviving summer" list: to work on Ella's ABC photo book.

I began compiling photos of Ella in the spring illustrating activities and things beginning with each letter of the alphabet to create a custom ABC book for her.  I still need images for quite a few letters of the alphabet and I thought it might be fun to complete the rest of the photos with her help.

And, viola, the ABC photo hunt was born!  The day before I wrote each letter of the alphabet on an index card and posted them on a large wall.  I filled in the cards for the letters we already had photos for like, F is for Family . . .

and S is for Sipping through a Straw . . .

I then made sure to fully charge my camera overnight.  The next morning Ella and I began our hunt.  We went through each letter.  Sometimes she could give me a word that began with the letter but more often than not, I had to make a suggestion.  We would then go on a hunt to find that item or illustrate that activity and I would capture it in a photo for the book.  I'm still working on editing the photos and adding text, but I'll be sure to share the final product when it's complete.


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    1. Thanks Jordan! We had a lot of fun going thought the letters, though it took a few sessions because Ella would get tired of me taking photos of her!


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