Wednesday, July 24, 2013

surviving summer

So here we are, t-minus three days until our return to Ann Arbor, and I'm trying to figure out how to pack as much into our last three days as possible!

In addition to my CLE to-do list, I created a personal list (titled "surviving summer" - can you tell I was pretty apprehensive about this little adventure of ours this summer) of crafty projects and activities that Ella and I could do this summer on those days where, inevitably, I'd wake up and not feel like battling crowds at the zoo or sweating it out in the heat at the playground, or to occupy rainy mornings and gloomy afternoons.  

On this list: 

1. homemade popsicles
2. picnic in the park
3. picnic in the backyard 
4. make an indoor/outdoor tent (so I could check this off my Love To-Do List)
5. plant seeds to start a garden at home
6. make a doll house
7. make dress-up clothes, including a cape, masks, and hats
8. work on Ella's ABC photo book

Yes, yet another list to remind myself how LITTLE I've actually accomplished this summer . . . or, maybe I shouldn't be so quick to judge myself so poorly!

So, Ted and I can check off the first item - we made our own pops one evening after Ella had gone to bed.  They were good, but we just used fruit juice we already had in our fridge.  I guess we've picnicked in the park, though we dined on take-out.  We have the definite beginnings of an herb garden in the backyard (holy crap, I grew something), in a planter we can take back to Ann Arbor with us.  And, I have sewn together the pieces for a cape for Ella, complete with a "E" in script, appliqued onto the back.  I just need to trim it out and add some ties at the neck (post to come!)

OK, so I guess we've done more than I thought.  What's on your summer-to-do list to help you survive the long, hot days with your kids?  

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