Tuesday, October 29, 2013

happy family bathrooms

Now that we're signed up to have the kitchen renovated (they'll be coming on Friday, eek), we need to start thinking about the bathroom.  Just like in the kitchen, we plan to keep some of the current fixtures and reuse them in the new bathroom.  We're also planning to adjust the layout a bit in order to give Ella's room a more traditional closet - you'll see what I mean when I post the plan, but her closet is currently just 18" wide by 5'-0" deep.

I am torn between creating a modern, but classic bathroom with adult appeal or a more playful, kid-friendly bathroom.  I could definitely do a combination of the two ideas - something that is fun for us for now and could easily be revised for a potential buyer without kids (think neutral paint).  I've had my eyes on these fun spaces that just make me smile.  Perhaps Ella might learn to love bath time again . . .

from left to right: source 1 / source 2 / source 3 / source 4

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