Wednesday, May 29, 2013

my CLE to-do list

In order to avoid the thumb twiddling and head-wall banging that often accompany boredom, I've been trying to compile a list of sorts with places to visit, events to attend, and things to do while we're in Cleveland for the summer.  And lucky for me, a friend of the ladies we are subletting from graciously made me a quick list of "stuff to do" before they departed.

Here's what's on my list so far:

The Cleveland Museum of Art
Parade the Circle event, by the Cleveland Museum of Art at University Circle
The Cleveland Flea
R/S Boutique
Stitch Cleveland
Indian's Game at The Jake (that's what Clevelanders call it, right?)
Greater Cleveland Aquarium
Murray Hill Bolt and Spool
On the Rise
Native Cleveland
Beachland Ballroom
*find a babysitter
Great Lakes Science Center
The Children's Museum of Cleveland
Cain Park for a Kid's Matinee
*neighborhood shop
Take Ella to classes at The Little Gym (sadly, we don't have one in Ann Arbor)
West Side Market (always worth another visit)
Great Lakes Brewing Company

As with any new place, I can only discover so much online and from my reading so to all of you Clevelanders out there, let me know what "must-do's" I'm missing.  I'd love more suggestions, especially on places to eat.

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