Thursday, July 25, 2013

super Ella!

One of the crafty projects on my "surviving summer" list was to make Ella dress-up clothing.  I've so far created patterns for a crown, several masks, and a cape.  And, after watching Ella wear a blanket over her shoulders around the house several times, I thought the cape might be a hit; so I'm tackling it first.

I picked up one yard each of two colors of felt (the cheap stuff) - one for the outside of the cape and another for the lining - from a local craft store.  I also grabbed a few of the small 9"x12" sheets in several colors to create a custom super logo on the cape.  I made a cape pattern by taping a few larger pieces of scrap paper together and, using a string tied to a pencil, drew an arc with a radius of approximately 24".  I then created another arc, concentric to the first, with a radius of approximately 4".  Because I didn't have a huge roll of paper to create my pattern, I ended up just creating one smaller "pie piece" of the cape, and then cutting three "pie pieces" from each color of fabric to create the fullness required for an awesome cape. It was a happy accident that I decided to construct the cape this way because my fabric wouldn't have been wide enough to have just cut the cape as one large piece.

I stitched together all of the "pie pieces" (3 for the lining and 3 for the outside) and then, wrong sides together, pinned the lining to the outside fabric, and top-stitched around the perimeter, about a 1/4" from the edge.  This allowed me to trim the edges about 1/8" after all of the sewing was done in order to ensure that the front of the cape and lining of the cape aligned.

Oh, and let's not forget the grosgrain ribbon neck tie - I pinned these in between the lining and the outside layer before stitching the perimeter.

I'd like to officially introduce Super Ella!

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