Saturday, July 20, 2013

toys we love: YBIKE Pewi

Summer is, of course, a great time of year to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  So, I thought I'd give the YBIKE Pewi a mention for those of you looking for a solid starter bike for your little ones.

We added the Pewi to Ella's collection shortly after her first birthday, and I wish we had gotten it sooner.  The Pewi is a walk-to-ride toy that babies can use as soon as they are able to stand and "walk", but still need the aid of your hands or a push toy for stability.  And then, as they grow taller and are able to balance themselves on the seat of the bike, they can ride it, propelling themselves forward with their feet.

Like I said, I wish we would have gotten it sooner for strolls outside when Ella was walking but not independently.  We would have headed outside a lot more, because, really, it's difficult to play outside on pavement with a kid who's not walking yet.  Hello sore knees.  And then there was a short period of  time where Ella was walking just fine, but wasn't quite tall enough to propel herself on the bike without help.  She continued to push it, often with a stuffed toy propped on the seat, and we would also push her, though that became a back-breaker.  Now, she's tall enough to ride the bike all on her own and has even figured out how easily it can turn (on a dime).

Happy weekend!

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