Friday, June 6, 2014

make: trash bag kite

A few weeks ago I got Ella involved in my making.  She gave me the inspiration (or directive rather) and I looked up a few examples and got to making our fist kite (while she promptly got to tangling all of the string).  We used cotton string (to tie dowels together), both duct tape and washi tape, small trash bags, 1/4" diameter wood dowels, and a pair of trusty scissors.

I loosely followed the tutorials here and here

I was happy with things at this point but then Ella wanted me to use some purple tape.  So I kept going . . .


and then added a braided, trash bag tail with bows too.  We're just waiting for the perfect, windy day to take it down to the big field near our house and let it fly.  And hopefully it will fly.

Happy making!

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