Wednesday, June 4, 2014

basement stair update

Our house will be hitting the market sometime in the next few weeks and I have been racing to finish my entirely too long punch list.  If I didn't know it already, my long list of projects to start and outstanding projects to finish are quite enough to prove my tendency towards procrastination.

The basement stair update is one of those "projects to start".  The stairs were unfinished, builder grade lumber with small carpet treads.  Because our basement is definitely a basement in the truest sense, the stair never bothered me much, per se, until we completed the kitchen renovation which included new wood flooring and stairs from the dining room to the side door.  When the hall to the side door and basement was opened up, I wanted them to look finished.  Since all major construction has ended, I've given the walls, trim, and the side door (previously blue) a fresh coat of paint to match the dining room and kitchen.  But the view into the basement when coming and going through the side door was miserable.  So I decided a little update was in order - a fresh coat of paint to match the white trim throughout the house and an indoor/outdoor runner for the stairs would help improve the look and comfort of the stair in a big way.

I had been looking for an affordable carpet runner (because I was going to need two for the length of the stair) for some time when I finally spotted the LYNAS at IKEA.  It's dark grey and will hide any dirt and should vacuum easily.  So I grabbed two for the low price of $12.99/each to cover the length of the basement stair.  I could do without the raised squiggle pattern in the rug, but it met all of my other qualifications.  It was difficult to find something narrow enough to act as a runner on these stairs.

I left the existing carpet treads on the stair to act as padding and simply stapled the runner along the edges (mostly) to secure it in place.  I had to trim the first runner about three-quarters of the way down the stair where the riser meets the tread and begin the second runner in order to complete the contiguous installation.  I still need to finish painting the balusters white (a laundry table must be moved out of the way in the basement for better access to the sides), but for now, I'm checking this off my list.

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