Monday, June 2, 2014

a big girl room

We bought a house.  At least I think we did.  We finally have an accepted offer, did all our inspections, BUT we haven't heard from the seller in over a week with regard to the inspection results.  She's overseas and has apparently not been heard from.  So, until the seller reappears, we're distracting ourselves with the fun stuff.

There have been a lot of discussions in this house the past few months about our move to Cleveland, and more specifically, Ella's new bedroom.  Today she made a few decisions for the room (and I filled in the rest).  Her excitement makes me smile and I am so excited to tackle her room first!

1_If you haven't guessed already, I like color, especially when it comes to a child's bedroom.  When I found this fun Cotton Ball Light String by Cable and Cotton and showed them to Ella, she flipped.  What could be more exciting, when you're almost three, than the thought of having Christmas lights in your bedroom.  All.  Year.  Round.

2_We went to our second City Flea in Cincinnati (our first in Washington Park) this May and I picked up this cute little print from Jodi Lynn's Emporium of Doodles.  The colorful hot air balloons will pair nicely with some of the existing photos and art we already have hanging in Ella's current room.

3_The Rio Pendant Lamp in antiqued brass from Jonathan Adler will be a good, permanent addition to her bedroom.  I think it will survive any future decor shifts in the room and will compliment the style of the rest of the house.

4_Ella has a Jenny Lind style crib in her current bedroom in white.  I love how it pairs well with more modern pieces.  So when I spotted the Jenny Lind line of furniture from Land of Nod, I knew we had found her big girl bed.  And it comes in colors!  Ella picked the bed in raspberry.  It should be a nice pop of color in an otherwise, fairly neutral room.

5_I love this pillow - the Firenze Velvet Tassel Pillow from Anthropologie.  It's the perfect piece to bring all of the colors we're using in her room together.  Now, whether I pay $78.00 for it is another story.  The concept is easy enough to tackle on my own.  I'm going to start hunting for a multi-colored tassel string and if I can't find one, I suppose I could always try to dye my own.

6_The Eames RAR Molded Plastic Rocker in lime from Herman Miller will be following Ella to her new, big girl room.  Now that we have a little more space in the new house, we're opting for an upholstered glider for the new nursery and so Ella will get to keep this little gem.  Which is a good thing, because she LOVES it!  Dare I say, it just might be her favorite reading spot.

7_The Knitted Graphite Pouf from CB2 that we purchased to use with the rocker will also follow Ella to her new, big girl room.

8_And to replace the open basket clothing storage she has now, we'll invest in a nice dresser for her growing wardrobe (the larger sizes just don't fit as conveniently in the open baskets as the little newborn onesies did).  This one is West Elm's Mid-century 6-Drawer Dresser in acorn.  I love the style.  If I can source a similar, vintage dresser before our move, I will most certainly scoop it up before I decide to spend some major bucks on something brand new.

9_And to finish off the space, we'll lay down this neutral Chenille Jute Solid Border Rug in gray over the wood floors.  It's flat enough to stack blocks on, but still soft for lounging on the floor.  And it's a pretty affordable option where rugs are concerned. 

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