Friday, May 30, 2014

a new stage

Those of you with little ones know, nothing at this stage of their little lives lasts for long.  They change so quickly and, as soon as you find yourself in a predictable routine, something throws it off-course.  Recently, we've started having major naptime battles.  I am working hard to continue to enforce at least an hour of quiet time in her bedroom every afternoon if she isn't going to nap.  But, an hour goes by VERY quickly.  As soon as I have lunch cleaned up, shift a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer, and take Ella to the bathroom for the 20th time, I've not much time left to do anything in the way of blogging, or work for that matter.

So we are adjusting, or trying to.  Ella still has three weeks of summer camp left at her preschool and so I try to use the two mornings a week she's there to do my actual, paying work.  I've been busy lately with several new projects and so the non-income generating activities that I so enjoy are taking a back seat.  

We've gone through so many changes and adjustments in the last three years that I hardly have reason to be surprised by them anymore.  But they can still throw me for a loop.  I also know that we have many more ahead.  So while I love blogging, its going to have to take a back seat for a little while, at least until we figure out what our new, predictable routine will be.  And then I'll be back at it, full steam ahead, until, of course, that predictable routine decides to change again.

There are going to be many new projects, however, to share with you all as we move through the latter half of 2014.  Our new house in Cleveland is overflowing with them and I can't wait to dive in this coming August.  I have a feeling I'll be mastering some new skills when it comes to this place.  So until then, I'll be sharing all of the plans I have floating around in my head for the new house and some of the new projects I've been working on.  And as always, a bit more of just where we are in life, right now.  Here's to more no-naptime selfies (or not).

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