Monday, May 5, 2014

moving a family: part 4

HOUSE HUNTING . . . sigh.

To date, we've made two trips to Cleveland to look at houses.  The first trip, we all went, and toured seven homes.  On the second trip, I went with Ella on my own and met my mother's husband there.  He graciously volunteered to drive up from Dayton in order to entertain Ella and lay a second pair of eyes on the line-up for that visit - another four houses plus a second visit to a home we'd seen during our first visit.  It's this house that we've been negotiating to purchase for a little over a week now.

It is the only house we've seen that I began visualizing plans for immediately.  It needs some TLC after sitting empty for just over a year's time, but has plenty of square footage for our little family to grow into.  In fact, I almost can't imagine having so much space after living in our tight, 1100-square-feet for the past three years.  We are all eager to spread out a bit!

So, as we wait for news on our last and final offer, I've been browsing children's books all about moving to a new house (thank you for the suggestion Annie) and ordered these two:

A New Home for Kai-Mook by Guido Van Genechten and From There to Here by Laurel Croza. 

Ella and I have also been busy planning her bedroom for a new house (whichever house that may be).  I'll be posting her creative vision later this week!

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