Friday, May 2, 2014

for him

My husband and I celebrated our third anniversary on Tuesday.  In what has, begrudgingly, become tradition, my husband spent the day hunkered down in the office writing papers and studying while I hung out with my favorite little munchkin.
Since we married, we've yet to really have the opportunity to celebrate the day we wed - under the chuppah held by our family, and looking forward to the arrival of what was, and most definitely has, made us a complete family - our Ella.  I am so filled with warmth and happiness when I reflect on that day.  And it's nice to be able to say this now, because on that very day I'm almost positive I was feeling very big, quite uncomfortable and tired, and a bit emotional to say the very least.  But to see how life has unfolded for our little family today would have sustained the me then.  I couldn't have imagined, in a million years, how motherhood would transform me, how a marriage could fulfill me, and how grateful I could be for a family, my family.

The traditional gift for the third year is leather.  With no place to house my first gift preferance (that would actually have been a mutual gift - shhh!), I chose a leather bound copy of the American Bar book.  I had the cover embossed for the occasion.

To my husband: I am looking forward to all that our fourth year will bring - new adventures, more joys, and lots and lots of laughter!  I love you!

Now let's drink!

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