Wednesday, April 30, 2014

creative slump

I have been remiss with my blog posts as of late.  I cannot attribute it to being busy or overwhelmed - frankly, I have been quite underwhelmed, but enjoying life all the same.  I still have a to-do list and my day-to-day tasks still remain, unchanged.  But still, there has been something missing from my recent existence, something that causes me to be on edge, impatient, in need of something that online shopping just can't seem to fulfill.

I've not made, anything, in a very long time.  I've not painted, stitched, drawn, designed, or arranged.  I've not cut, assembled, planted, or baked.  I've neglected my soul's need to create, to work with my hands, to accomplish something beyond my to-do list.  And it's not sitting well with me.

So a few nights ago, after putting Ella to bed, I pulled out my paints, that have been relocated to our attic in an effort to declutter our home for showings, and some left over wood panels and put brush to surface.  I started by trying to plan a few compositions in my notebook, but in the end, abandoned a perfect plan and just painted.  I have to remind myself that, after neglecting my need to make for so long, it's best to just get started again without much thought.

I'd like to continue to share the products of my making practice here, as I try and reestablish a new goal of creating something, no matter how little, how bad (or even possibly good), at least once every week, from now through the end of the year.     

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  1. Beautifully put Amanda! I think that we, as women, and probably as all human beings, have a need to create. When it's not fulfilled it's like sleep deprivation: you can't be you.


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