Monday, March 31, 2014

moving a family: part 3

If you've been following my moving series here and here, you'll know that we've been waiting for news from the school we've chosen for Ella to attend this fall.  Well, several weeks ago we received the call we had been waiting for.  Ella will be starting preschool in the fall at a school where we all felt quite at home and so now we can move onto other pressing matters: house hunting to be specific.

We finally received a great recommendation for a realtor and have been talking and exchanging emails with her.  Ted and I sat down and made a list of everything we're looking for in a new home, but there is most definitely an emotional and visceral requirement that I haven't yet found.  Nor can I seem to put my finger on what about a home might compel me to feel that these requirements have been met.  Our realtor has been sending us videos all weekend of homes she has previewed for us. The videos are very helpful, but it's so easy to get distracted by that one bad thing, or even good thing, a house has.  It's hard to prevent yourself from becoming increasingly picky as you view each successive home.  It's hard to remain realistic when in search of the perfect home because, of course, there isn't one.

A tentative trip to Cleveland is in the works for the coming weekend and so I hope to be able to find that "it" quality that I so need to feel like we are making the right choice for our family.  But until then you'll find me continuing to scour Trulia for the perfect home, since I'm sure it will be coming on the market this week (wink wink).

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