Thursday, February 13, 2014

snow days in atlanta

While not particularly exciting or new to all you Northerners, snow days in Atlanta are so incredibly rare. I realize, after growing up in the Midwest, I really kind of miss them. And here in Atlanta EVERYONE, kids and adults, typically get snow days off because we are so unaccustomed to what snow and ice do to our roads.

What makes snowy days in Atlanta doubly unique? It all goes away almost quicker then it fell. Tuesday we had zero snow (left), by Wednesday everything was covered in snow and ice (middle), this morning the snow was still falling and this afternoon the whole city is melting (right).

I wish this post was about something I had accomplished around the house during the snowy time off the past two days with Tricia around the house...but the fun of snow days is hunkering down, enjoying the snow and relaxing all while hoping our power didn't go out and a tree doesn't fall on your house (thankfully neither of which happened to us!). And I was really quite worried about the tree-falling part because we are pretty much surrounded by enormous pine trees, which apparently are the most likely to fall over (learned from all the endless news coverage on the subject).

My dog Mister (pictured above left) is always bewildered by all the snow but loves to get crazy and run around and try to eat it all, so running around the backyard with him is always entertaining. Also, in our new neighborhood there are quite a few steep roads and hills that I imagined would be perfect for sledding. Unfortunately when we made an attempt the snow had not compacted and harden enough. Bummer.

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