Friday, February 14, 2014

bathroom BEFORE

I quickly snapped a few photos of the bathroom before getting the little one and I out of the house and out of town to avoid the demolition dust.  Just take a look at this beauty!  Prior to the plan to completely renovate the bathroom, we had plans to paint the room, hang some things above the tub, and generally make it look moderately better.  As good as a room with brown floor tile, a yellowed and peeling tub in need of re-glazing, and what I like to call the prison shower, could look.

The great thing about this bathroom is how spacious it actually is.  But it is super underutilized in it's current arrangement.  I am looking forward to gaining a large linen closet, a usable bedroom closet for Ella, and a great soaking tub without a peeling finish.  I am also excited about gaining some counter space with a real, live vanity!  Check out the plan here and here (just in case you forgot).

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