Tuesday, November 19, 2013

kitchen: week 2 and . . . say hello to the bathroom

This past week, all of the electrical was completed in the kitchen - the recessed lighting was installed and the center pendant fixture was shifted to align with the center of the sink and the range, switches were moved, and outlets were shifted to correspond with the new plan.  And the drywall finally went up!  This coming week: mud, and hopefully the installation of the base cabinets.  I just ordered the backsplash tile and can't wait to head back to the stone yard to pick out a slab.

In the meantime, I've been working hard to finalize the plans for the bathroom remodel.  Plan options always seem to come to me fairly quickly.  It's the selecting of materials that takes me the most time.  And I've been doing it all online, for the most part, because it isn't easy hitting up showrooms with a two-year-old in tow.

Here is the existing plan of the bathroom.  It is a large space as bathrooms go, especially considering how small our house is.  We currently have both a freestanding, clawfoot tub and a small, stall shower. But what we have in bathing options, we lack in everything else, from storage to counter space.  Our current sink, a small pedestal sink, represents all that is bad about pedestal sinks.  There is barely space to rest a bar of soap on it's ledges, and, of course, no storage.  I do like pedestal sinks, in theory, for powder rooms and oft used guest bathrooms.  But for the only bathroom in a family home - no way!

The new bathroom will have a large soaking tub/shower combo.  We can fit a 36" wide tub, still 60" long.  It will definitely feel a bit more luxurious than the tiny-barely-enough-room-for-one-person shower that we have now.  And we'll get something that will allow for a deeper soaking depth than the current clawfoot.  A new vanity with lots of storage and additional cabinets across from the toilet will provide more than the double the amount of storage we currently have - a great thing when there isn't a separate linen closet.  And Ella's room will get a normal closet!  We don't want to do a lot of construction in her room so the door to the closet will stay the same.

And most importantly, we're gaining a lot more "walking around" space.  The clearances in the previous bathroom didn't allow for more than one person to move between the edge of sink and edge of tub.  And forget about more than one person using the sink at a time.

We're still getting the elevations figured out and I hope to post them next week.

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