Friday, January 17, 2014

painting walls

Yesterday, after Ella woke up from her nap I asked her if she wanted to paint.  She responded by telling me that she was not old enough to paint and that Mommy had to paint while Daddy took care of her.  Her mind clearly went right to our plan for this coming weekend.  Coined not-a-mommy weekend 2014 by Ted and I, we planned for him to take her to his parent's home for the long weekend so that I could finish the dining room and kitchen - patch, paint, stain, etc.

This little exchange got me to thinking . . . Ella is perfectly capable of paintpaiing a wall so why not let her.  So I got out some paint and brushes and we got to work . . . in our bathroom!  

In a month, the room will be completely gutted so why miss out on the opportunity to paint a wall.

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