Wednesday, January 15, 2014

kitchen hardware

We (or rather I) still need to pull the plug on hardware for kitchen.  I'm not sure why something so small has caused me such great deliberation, but it has.  I've been all over the internet and to local home improvement stores trying to see what I can get quickly that would complement the kitchen.  You see, the main problem is that I tend to gravitate towards minimal edge pulls or simple, long, horizontal bar pulls.  But I don't think that these styles are well matched for this kitchen.  So I have been making an effort to divert my eyes elsewhere.

I originally found these at Lowes, the Sumner Street Symmetry Arched Pull in Polished Nickel.  They reminded me of the old fashioned pulls available from Schoolhouse Electric, but more affordable.  I like the classic lines and utilitarian style.  But when I brought them home I realized that the visible screws are actually fake.  I tried to talk myself into them anyway because the price was pretty good, but I couldn't do it.  
Ted really likes something more square (his words).  So I texted him a photo of these from Home Depot - the Liberty Hardware Plaza Pull in Aluminum.  He liked them a lot.  I thought they were too contemporary for the kitchen.  So I kept looking.

Then I found this online - the Rusticware Modern Rectangular Cabinet Pull.  A good compromise I thought, but at almost 9.00 a pull, they were way over budget.  So I kept looking.
What do you all think of these?  

The Martha Stewart Living Channel Cabinet Pull.  Good ol' Martha has hooked me again with her shiny products and attractive branding.  And I think the Medallion Cabinet Knob is a good match for the cabinet doors.   To order?

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  1. Martha Stewart pulls seem perfect...only a slight traditional feel, but still very simple. I think they'll def match the slightly traditional feel of the cabinets with the insets panels in them, but not overpower the drawers without this inset. They also feel slightly contemporary. Perfect mix.


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