Tuesday, December 10, 2013

kitchen: week 5

Here we are, at the end of week 5 for this 6-week project.  And, big surprise, the contractor is behind.  I'm an understanding person (to a fault sometimes), so it's hard for me to be too mad, but I am disappointed that the scheduling of trades and tasks has, at times, seemed a bit perplexing and backwards.  They are, to a certain extent, taking their time.  And while I think that the results of the time are paying off, I do think that things could have been done more efficiently.

When the contractor left on Friday, all of the cabinets had been installed.  He had even temporarily installed the microwave, but had to take it down in order to pull the wiring through the wall and install the outlet in the exact location necessary.  This weekend I was able to get all of the cabinet doors installed, the drawers constructed (minus the cabinet fronts), and a new 3' x 8' cover panel from IKEA to remedy an annoying wonky issue that appeared on Thursday of last week with the refrigerator/pantry cabinet.

This week, the countertops will be installed!  I can't wait to see the slab we chose from the stone yard actually finished and in our home.  And the contractor will get the backsplash installed and remedy the wonky refrigerator/pantry cabinet issue - another casualty of our not-so-straight-and-level house.  Remember when I said the walls were not so bad.  Well, I lied.  The wall the refrigerator/pantry cabinet is installed on is about an 1" off parallel from the base cabinets just across from it.  So when the contractor installed the refrigerator/pantry cabinets, they appeared to be, and were in fact, at an angle, rotated into the kitchen area.  It was so awkward and I noticed it right away.  Although I will admit that a friend of my husband's didn't see it.  So maybe it's just me . . . In any case, the contractor is going to fix the issue and I had the pleasure of driving with a box above my head this weekend so that he could.

The one large item holding this whole deal up is the floor, which still needs to be sanded, stained, and poly'd.  I'm used to contractors tackling this item before cabinets go in and then protecting them until the end of the job.  But that's not what has happened and I didn't push anything.  So now that we seem to be nearing the glorious end, we're hitting a wall and won't be able to really use this space until after we return from our Christmas holiday travels.

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