Monday, December 9, 2013

this weekend: photo wrangling

I spent the majority of this weekend trying to wrangle all of my photos from the past year into some kind of order so that holiday cards and calendars could be made and ordered.  Every year, about this time, I make a pledge, albeit silent and only to myself, that I will get my photo management issue under control and another year passes before I'm faced with the issue again.  It's a horrible, compounding issue that left unattended for several years, has become a daunting task of Everest proportions.   

But here, I will make the pledge again, loud (I'm yelling) and for all to hear (or read) that I will get this issue under control this year.  Promise.  Somehow, in between a graduation, a move to a new city, finding a new school for Ella, and renovating the bathroom in our current home, I WILL do it.  And here's the plan:

1_rank the best images on iPhoto (I mean, they have a built in ranking system so how hard can it be)
2_edit all of my 5-star images in Photoshop and upload to my online photo management account
3_create a yearly book of the photos for the bookshelf
4_archive all of the years photos on my external hard drive
5_repeat . . . for the past, oh, 3 years

On a positive note, I found these gems from last Christmas that made me smile and laugh, a lot!  Last Christmas was the start of the Ella-thinks-she's-smiling-but-not-actually-smiling phase.  Evidence below . . .

I promise that in both photos I requested a smile and this is what I got!

And between all the wrangling and laughing, I made some progress on the kitchen.  More on that tomorrow.

Hope you all had a happy weekend!

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