Wednesday, October 16, 2013

fabric painting

A friend texted me a link last week to this blog post over on Young House Love.  While I've been known, on occasion, to spend the entirety of nap time reading through past posts on their blog, the occurrences are, I assure you, far and few between and so I miss things.  And I would have missed this post had it not been for my fellow crafty friend.

I was immediately inspired to break out the fabric paints and stamps I already had lying around (from a baby shower  long ago, I think) and experiment with some fabric painting techniques with my favorite painting partner.  We used scraps of a heavy white twill fabric I had leftover from a pervious project, taped onto the table with painters tape so they would stay put.  The sheet metal I have left over from my sheet metal box project just didn't provide a large enough pattern for use as a stencil so I opted to use a handful of round sponge stamps in varying diameters that were in my stamp supply.

Ella was stamping it up on her piece of fabric until the stamps found their way to her face and hands.  I did eventually go back and stamp her name onto her piece (I suggested, she agreed).  And I decided to follow suit, and created a throw pillow for the rocking chair in her room.

And it was good practice for me as I plan to tackle a bit of fabric painting myself in the next week or so.  More to come . . . 


  1. Love this! I really like how you put her painting on the grey chevron, I wouldn't have though of that but it makes it look very chic. Also, that rocking chair is fab.

    What did you do with the one you made? Don't think I didn't notice that...

    1. You caught me . . . I haven't done anything with it yet. Maybe another pillow . . . maybe nothing. Any ideas?


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