Friday, October 11, 2013

dining room seating

While I was in Cincinnati this summer, I made the requisite trip to IKEA.  And, while there, I spotted these SIGURD chairs on sale and seized the opportunity to replace our current hand-me-down set.  I had nothing against our hand-me-downs.  They were quite comfortable actually; knock-offs of the tubular steel, cantilevered chair designed by Marcel Bruer in 1928 - the Cesca chair.  If I had been able to figure out how to reupholster the chairs without literally breaking the wood frames of the backs, I would have been more apt to keep them around (actually, I still can't bring myself to get rid of them entirely).  But multiple inspections and internet research came up empty.

I think these chairs are the perfect complement to the raw wood table top.   And there was far to much shiny chrome under there with the previous chairs.  I, unfortunately, only purchased four of these chairs without thinking about the capacity of our dining table and they are now discontinued.  Just my luck.

I'm wondering if I should add the matching SIGURD bench in white to the side of table adjacent the kitchen.  A bench might help keep this circulation route into the kitchen free of floating chairs that never got pushed in.  And the SIGURD bench dimensions fit perfectly with my table.

OR, maybe two accent side chairs might be nice.  I've always wanted a pair of these babies - Wishbone Chairs by Hans Wegner.  DWR has them in just about every single desirable color.  They have them in Mint!  But that just might be a little crazy and impractical.  I think I'd splurge for them in black.


  1. Carol!! Your comment was there when I first published it and then it disappeared! I'm sorry!


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