Wednesday, February 13, 2013

make: sheet metal box

my sister recently pinned an earring storage and display solution using a decorative sheet metal panel. it reminded me how much i love a perforated metal panel!

since i do not possess an earring collection even a tenth of the size of my sister's, i decided to come up with another application for the material. enter: new trinket box, now slated to hold my collection of greeting cards.  here's how i did it . . .

supply list:

large sheet of paper (for box template)
metal ruler
x-acto knife or scissors
decorative sheet metal panel
tin snips
embroidery floss
large craft needle
brass fasteners or binder clips

to make:

1_decide what size box you wish to make. the box pictured is 6-1/4" w x 8-1/4"d x 3-1/2"h. then make a template. draw an outline of the desired size box on the large sheet of paper (I used a roll of craft paper from IKEA), leaving plenty of space around the perimeter to add the desired height of the sides. refer to the photo for the final template shape and layout.

2_tape your template onto the sheet metal. place the template square to the metal's pattern and in such a way as to create the smoothest edges. cut around the template with tin snips.  note: the metal will be sharp! wear gloves or work cautiously to avoid cutting your hands.

3_use the metal ruler to help create straight bend lines, and fold the metal up on each side to create a box. fold the triangular flaps into the box and place brass fasteners through the flaps and side to hold in position.

4_ stitch flaps to sides and corners together with colorful embroidery thread. knot at inside, bottom of box.

5_to create the top, repeat all steps, adding about an 1/8" to the box dimensions on all sides (1/4" overall). determine your side height and add 1/2". the finished side height of the box shown is 1", so I created 1-1/2 sides on the template. before folding the box into its shape, fold all edges over 1/2" and press down with pliers or metal ruler to achieve a finished edge.

6_fill and enjoy!

happy making!


  1. keep at it panda! love seeing the progress you're making! :) wish i could join you!

    1. you can join me! I have an idea and I'll call you soon to talk about!

  2. Love this! Where did you get the sheet metal and how much does it cost? Are the top edges of the box sharp? I've never worked with this kind of material before. Very creative, it's so beautiful!

    1. I got the sheet metal at Home Depot. They also have it at Lowe's, and it is about $26 for a large sheet. From this, you could make two boxes of the size shown. To avoid sharp edges make sure to add about a 1/2 inch to all edges and hem them before folding box. Thanks Elise!


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