Friday, October 18, 2013

color my world {mint}

Mint . . . it just sounds good.  As you may have observed, I currently have a bit of a mint obsession (see here, and then I couldn't quite let it go again here).  So, to pay the proper homage to my color of choice these days, here are a few of my favorite {mint} things:

1_Bell Sconce, Eleanor Home  I pinned this sconce awhile ago thinking it might be great above the sink in my mint inspired kitchen.  Too much mint, maybe?  It's cute anyway and comes in a ton of other colors.  

2_Wire Basket, Ferm Living  Ferm Living is one of my favorite brands for modern home goods.  This wire basket comes in three sizes.  I'm thinking this would be great for containing any kids out-of-control stuffed animal collection.

3_Miniature Senagalese Basket, Poketo  There are several places to find these Senegalese baskets these days, but I'm really liking this mini version - perfect for stowing desktop clutter.

4_Mint Tribal iPhone Case, Brika  Since I just cracked the back of my old iPhone 4, I'm looking forward to the arrival of this case with an original design by Field Trip for the new 5.

5_Mint Cloud Goodnight Pillow, Juniper Wilde  This lady designs and produces some pretty awesome stuff and this pillow is one of them.  It's made from organic knit fabric and printed in an eco-friendly way. I'm thinking there might be a mint theme for a future nursery in this house (well, our next house actually).

6_Triangle Eco Throw, Happy Habitat  Mint and coral!  Yep, add this to the nursery too.  Karrie uses recycled cotton to create these fabulous blankets and throws.  Stylish and good for the planet - doesn't get much better than that.  

7_TPS Mint File Cabinet, CB2  I dream of an all white workroom in the attic of an old house, and in that workroom are these pale green cabinets.  It's good to know you can add some color to basic office furniture for a bit less than buying a Bisley.  I personally think this mobile version is a bit more stylish too.  

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