Thursday, April 11, 2013

new kitchen look book

My kitchen dreams have not gone away.  In fact, I have been working on laying out the cabinetry, making some adjustments to the plan, and selecting materials and finishes because I'd like to be able to get estimates for this dream project.

Here is what I'm currently thinking:

1_Ora Wall Clock in Mint  I fell in love with this ceramic clock the moment I saw it.  It has me completely inspired to create a light and airy kitchen with perhaps, a minty hued countertop?

2_Dusklight Pendant  Maybe?  I saw a DIY for a vintage wire basket or bucket turned into a shade recently and now I seem to be drawn to similar fixtures.  I like this one but I'm unsure of the exposed bulb or its rustic feel (it's also not quite the right finish).  For now, it's going to remain in the mix.

3_ADEL in Off-White  I naturally gravitated towards IKEA for the cabinetry because they are affordable and have great interior fittings, however, there are a few locations in my current plan where the dimensions won't allow for a standard IKEA unit so I've begun looking at other options.  I do think I'll go with a door style and color similar to this.

4_2x8 Porcelain Tile in White  I like the idea of using a nice basic white tile on the backsplash to keep the small space from feeling too cluttered or overwhelming.  But I love the idea of using an unusual tile dimension to create some interest.

5_Ming Green Marble Countertops  Ok, this is probably way beyond my budget but I haven't been able to find this great of a soft green tone in any other countertop material so far and I am kind of attached to this idea of having pale, mint green countertops.  I think it came from the clock and this photo of a fantasticly lovely mint kitchen.  Am I crazy to be loving this mint green countertop?!!!  I fear that it may become akin to an avocado bathtub.  

6_Sumner Street Symmetry Arched Cabinet Pull in Polished Nickel  I like the utilitarian feel of these pulls, like they belong on an antique flat file or an old wood window as sash lifts.  The polished nickel finish gives them a contemporary look.  

6_Modern Knob in Polished Chrome  I love this knob!  I'm not sure if it will coordinate with the pulls that I'm drawn to, but for now, it's the only knob I've found that I'm over-the-moon about.

7_Dark Stained Oak Flooring  Because the kitchen is such a small space, and because it will now be open to the dining room, I think that the best choice for the floor will be to continue the existing oak flooring from the dinng room into the kitchen.  This is going to present a bit of a challenge, however, because 1) the new oak may not match exactly, and 2) it will sort of require having to refinish the rest of the hardwood floors on the first floor (which the house needs).

8_White Fur by Behr  For walls and trim to coordinate with the rest of the house.

9_Chelsea in Kelp  I'm thinking that the window is going to need some love and I think this fabric would make either a great roman shade or cafe curtain (not sure what look I'm going for yet).  I actually ordered a sample of this fabric years ago when I was contemplating shade fabrics for my workroom (but never ended up pulling the trigger). It seems only appropriate that it find its way back into my life somehow (or maybe it's entirely too matchy matchy with the rest of the scheme - I may keep thinking on this one).

10_Grohe Concetto in SuperSteel (or similar)  As much as I love a commercial style faucet, I just don't think this is the kitchen for it.  I think this gooseneck faucet is a good height and overall scale for this small space.

11_Kohler Vault Under-mount Sink in Stainless Steel (or similar)  I've been going back and forth in my mind between a white porcelain apron front sink and a stainless steel under-mount type.  I chose a similar sink to this one for my previous kitchen and have been trying to view this kitchen as an opportunity to try something new, especially since it's not going to be my forever kitchen.  But I think the clean lines of this single bowl sink have won out.  Ideally, I'd prefer a double bowl basin but I just don't think there will be enough space for one.


  1. I love this color palette. I hope this project comes to fruition.


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