Friday, July 26, 2013

tile winner

My contractor in Cincinnati is finally ready to install the backsplash in the kitchen which means I have to pick a tile . . . make a decision . . . stop wavering and putting the decision off because I'm still so heartbroken about the initial tile debacle

I had a brief courtship with this white, mini-brick subway tile (left), but I've now decided that I really do want something closer to my original true love.  So I took a morning, with Ella in tow, to find a similar option that would cost less and be in stock.  We hit up the regular places - Home Depot and Lowe's, and then we made a stop at the Daltile showroom.   They carry a line by a manufacturer called Terra Green and I found, among their samples, just what I was looking for (left).  The color of the frosted glass tile in the actual sample wasn't as yellow as in the photo I captured above and the grey was much lighter.  The catch, however, was that it would set me back about $19/square foot.  Even more expensive than the original tile.

And here's where the questioning of myself begins . . . am I just being stubborn by not going back to The Tile Shop and getting what I really want?  Perhaps I should swallow my pride and my disappointment?  

Or I could go with this - a very similar option I found at Lowe's for just under $12/square foot and in stock.  The only difference is that the stone portion of the mosaic isn't marble, but is what looks to me like a quartzite type of stone with a rough textured surface.  The photo on the left shows the tile installed.  And, now that I am paying a contractor to install the tile, that $4/square foot savings will help offset that cost.   Even better, I can stop stressing about this backsplash and start concentrating on finding a new house in Cleveland to gut!


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