Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the never ending (hallway) project

Shortly after completing Ella's bedroom, I realized that painting the trim white in her room sort of meant having to paint the trim white in the upstairs hallway.  I suppose I could have painted just the trim in her room white and left the door jamb the original stained wood but it looked strange to me and so I just kept painting, out her bedroom door and into the hallway.  But this decision also meant that I needed to remove the carpet from the hallway in order to properly paint the base moulding.  So I did.

And, as if this weren't enough of a project, I also decided that the doors needed some attention.  I first stripped her door down to raw wood and planned to re-stain it.  But after sanding it down, I quickly realized that the quality of the wood wasn't that spectacular and, fearing that the stain would not take very evenly, I started painting it too.  I chose to go with a dark grey-brown color, Midsummer Night by Benjamin Moore, with the thought that a dark door would hide dirt and scuffs better than any white door would.  

And, as I continued painting the trim in the hallway white (White Fur by Behr) and each door Midsummer Night,  I began to despise (even more than I had previously) the yellow wall color that the entire main floor and hence, upstairs hall, is painted.  So I decided, of course, that I would paint it too.  And now that I have started painting these hallway walls, it means that I will, eventually, have to repaint the living room (at the very least).  After testing several paint colors, I decided to go with the same color our master bedroom walls are painted.  

I have been trying to do al this painting myself (my husband isn't all that interested and has much more important things to do - studying) with a toddler running around.  Not the easiest thing in the world.  It's very difficult to prepare walls and sand trim in the hallway just outside the door where your baby is sleeping.  Nap time (actually any sleep time) is a very sacred and highly worshipped thing in this house and I will go to great lengths to preserve and lengthen its occurrence.

So alas, here are photos of where I started (above), during (with my little helper) and where I am now (below).  I have two more hallway doors to paint, along with their respective trims, and five closet doors, along with a lot of base moulding and wall!  My current plan is to rent a paint sprayer when the weather gets nicer, take all of the doors outside and spray them with a few coats.  I've never used a paint sprayer but it seems like the most efficient option at this point.  Any advice?

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