Monday, April 8, 2013

this weekend: the everyday

On first thought, there wasn't anything particularly special about this weekend. This weekend was the truest to our everyday that we've had in a while, and in it, in it's normalcy and routine, there were moments, I have now realized (while writing this post), that were truly special.

My husband accompanied Ella and me to our Saturday morning Stroller Strides class (Ted deserves a round of applause because he was the only daddy there - that was definitely special).  We stayed at the mall afterwards to let Ella play.  She was especially insistent on playing with her Daddy and seeing that really does something to me - the bond they have formed is so incredibly special and I am so lucky to be able to sit back and watch it grow.

After debating a list of places for lunch (he wanted a burger, I did not), we ended up at our usual compromise place (Panera) for soups and salads and discussed the ever relevant topic: the correlation between type of car owned and profession.  OK, maybe not so special.

With the appearance of the sun and slightly warmer temperatures, we took a family walk to the park in the afternoon.  I am still in awe of how much Ella has grown this winter.  Seeing her tackle new obstacles and climbing structures on the playground without fear is pretty special.

And following a hilarious dinner (with Ella's new favorite sentence, "I don't want to" repeated often) and the putting of Ella to bed, I got to watch a movie with my husband (that we actually agreed upon, no less).  These occasions, I know, will become much more rare with the end of the semester looming and so, they are definitely special.

Sunday morning was a lazy one.  Ted went off to the gym and Ella and I stayed home and made pancakes.  I feel like we're always rushing off to be somewhere in the mornings, and so this Sunday was very special - a sort of mommy-daughter date at home.   

We watched CBS Sunday Morning (or I tried to while Ella played), and then we decided to make the FaceTime rounds to first my mother, then my sister, followed by Ted's mother, sister and father.  I hope that making the time to talk face to face with our family, all of whom live in different cities, will allow Ella to stay close to them and them to her because those relationships are incredibly special. 

We again took an afternoon walk to the playground, though it was considerably less sunny and cooler than it had been on Saturday, and collected an assortment of treasures on the way home - pine cones both big and small, pieces of bark, and rocks.  I am so happy that Ella has a curiosity for discovering new things - truly special! 

So here's to finding the "special" in the everyday!


  1. what a nice weekend. what movie did you and Ted agree on? recommend it?

    1. We finally saw The King's Speech. It was great and I'd highly recommend it if you haven't seen it.

  2. I love these weekends and they always end up being even better than the ones full of plans! Also, I am super impressed that your hubby went to Stroller Strides :)


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