Wednesday, March 6, 2013

on the boards: playroom/workroom {part 3}

I completed the floor plan for Jane's playroom and workroom/living space last week. The multi-purpose room came together more easily than I had anticipated.

Your first view into the workroom from the foyer will be of Jane's workspace. She is an incredibly organized and tidy person, so we weren't worried about it being front and center. The orientation of the desk allows for a direct view into E's play space so that Jane can keep an eye on her while she's working. We will help define the space with a rug and will use a floor lamp to save valuable desk top area. Jane already owns an IKEA EXPEDIT shelf in black-brown. We'll place that to one side of the window and either purchase a new EXPEDIT shelf to match or find a small round side table for the opposite corner. A collage of small framed photos and prints above the side table will help to balance the weight of the EXPEDIT shelf in the opposite corner.

The remainder of the former living room will function as a scaled-down living space with a large coffee table we'll re-purpose into a fun game table. An existing cabinet base, already painted a medium grey, will sit against the wall and provide additional storage space (and perhaps a place for a small television in the future). We'll try and find two inexpensive but interesting and comfortable chairs to flank the cabinet.  And, when Jane and her husband find a new sofa for their family room, we'll move their existing brown leather sofa into this space.

In the playroom, we'll hand paint a neutral rug with a bold pattern and soothing colors to anchor the space.  Flanking the bookshelf, we will install four sensory panels for E to explore - a magnet board, a chalk board, a felt panel, and a TBD board (accepting all suggestions).  In the bay window, a DIY mobile will hang above a child's table and chairs.  And to finish it all off, Jane and I will tackle our biggest DIY project yet - a reading bench to accommodate two large storage bins complete with upholstered cushion and fun pillows.

Jane and I met yesterday morning to review the floor plan for the two rooms and to create our DIY project list.

DIY Project List:

1_ Painted area rug inspired by i heart organizing
2_ Sensory wall using IKEA SPONTAN magnet boards
3_ Custom desk side panels and cord management solutions
4_ Mobile for playroom
5_ Chalkboard game table inspired by BHG via Pinterest
6_ Frame and display wall collages
7_ Floor length curtains

Now to decide what to tackle first!

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