Tuesday, March 20, 2012

in the making: a place to make

i've been lax in posting lately, but for good reason. when ted and i moved to ann arbor last august, the rental house filled up up quickly leaving me to squeeze my workroom into our tiny dining room. the results of this double-duty space were disastrous. dinner was eaten often at the coffee table, my projects were often shoved onto chairs in the middle of assembly, and i couldn't seem to keep any of it looking presentable.

i've finally come to the conclusion that when one has a family, rooms that are programmed for more than one function are doomed to be stressful, overfilled, and unproductive, meeting the needs of neither purpose consistently. while i managed to create storage for all of the parts and pieces serving these two functions, too much storage became overwhelming.

solution: suck it up and create a proper work space in the dreaded basement. so this weekend was spent purging, organizing, and cleaning the basement. today i was able to put my work tables together while ella napped in the morning, and even got the rug laid out. in the afternoon, i moved all remaining workroom supplies and storage from the dining room to the basement. whew, i'm exhausted. but now i have a dining room to decorate and a workroom to execute the plan!

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