Friday, March 2, 2012

best of ann arbor//donuts

leaving cincinnati was difficult because of many reasons. it was hard to leave behind wonderful friends, a comfortable house i'd been busy making a home, and a familiar community. but there is one other reason cincinnati holds such a fond place in my heart. the myriad of fantastic bakeries! graeter's, busken, bonbonerie, servatti's, skirtz and johnston, take the cake, frieda's, well, you get the idea. for a city of almost 300,000 residents, i think the bakery to resident ratio is quite comfortable and makes for a generally happy population. perhaps this is why people who grow up in cincinnati stay in cincinnati, or why those who do manage to escape for several years inevitably return.

the bakery to resident ratio in ann arbor is quite disappointing (as is the ice cream shop ratio). we have, however, managed to find one place where the donuts are quite fantastic! wastenaw dairy. it's not quite a bakery or a coffee shop or an ice cream shop or convenience store, yet it has somehow managed to be all of these things by virtue of its odd selections. yesterday ted and i made a stop to pick up a few of their delicious cake donut varieties (this is all they offer - no danish, no glazed, no twists or filled). ted prefers the maple glazed and i, well it's a toss up between the cinnamon sugar and the blueberry. these i think we will definitely miss when we leave ann arbor.

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