Friday, April 20, 2012

in the making: animal onesies

not long ago i realized i was spending entirely too much time surfing the web looking for amazing things and pinning (thanks to pinterest) like crazy. i had exchanged the actual making of things for the constant pursuit of things to make, leaving me feeling very unaccomplished and stuck.

so i decided to return to the land of the accomplished and try my had at embellishing some basic white onesies. i was inspired by several of my pinterest finds.

right: baby-shower-activities.html

i found several images on the internet of various animals that weren't too detailed but would be identifiable in silhouette. i printed these images out at various scales so that i could decide what size animal might work best for the corresponding onesie. armed with my images, i gathered some fabric scraps and used double-stick fusible web to adhere the fabric animals to the onesie. (i would recommend following the instructions on the fusible web package for the best results. ) after the animal cut-outs were adhered with the web, i tried to machine topstitch along the perimeter of the fabric decal, about 1/16" from it's edge. this was a disaster. after several attempts, i chose to hand stitch the perimeter topstitch. ultimately, i think this added a bit more whimsy to the shapes. check back for shots of these cute onesies on my live baby model!

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