Monday, October 20, 2014

bye-bye wallpaper

My husband finished removing all of the dino wallpaper in Ella's new room (go Ted)!  And surprise, it doesn't seem like the plaster in here has EVER been painted.  We found evidence of old wallpaper behind the built-in shelves after we removed them and the lovely window valence with the dentil detail.

Here are the photos from Ella's room when we bought the house.

And here's a nice close-up of the dino wallpaper:

And, now that the dinos are officially extinct, we've got a nice black slate.

We still have a bit of the wallpaper glue to remove - it's that lovely green stuff on the walls and man, is it sticky!  And this past weekend, we finally got to the store and picked out some paint samples that we hope to get up on the walls and ceiling soon.  Stay tuned!

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