Monday, September 22, 2014

e's room

While I mull over the million ideas I have for the kitchen, I'll give you a little peek inside Ella's new room.  When we first began negotiations to purchase this house, I posted a mood board for Ella's new, big girl room.  It was a necessary distraction from all of the other work I knew this house would require if our offer was accepted and it kept Ella excited about the impending move.  Well, three months later and those early plans have changed a bit.

Here's where we started (all sources can be found here):

Ella has changed her mind on a few things, mainly, the color of the bed.  Almost as soon as she chose the raspberry bed, she recanted and became dead set on a black bed and hasn't wavered since.  So we've ordered the black version of the bed above from Land of Nod.  This major change, along with her request for a teal room has shifted my design plan just a bit.  So here's where we are now:

1_In place of the mid-century dresser, we've decided to go with a more muti-functional storage solution from IKEA - the STUVA line in white.  Our setup will differ from what's shown to provide additional space for folded clothing.

2_The (dark) teal ceiling!  After requesting the bed in black, Ella asked for teal walls.  Honestly, a full room of teal with a black bed scared me.  I had bad flashbacks to the NIKE windbreakers I wore in middle school.  I just could't go all the way there.  So I think I've convinced her to let me just paint the ceiling a beautiful, deep teal.  I hope doing this will allow me to add additional color to the room in the form of toys and accessories without it looking like a box of crayons.

3_Now that the ceiling will be dark and the bed black, I thought I might lighten things up with this Possini Euro Design Flower Pendant.  It is a room for a toddler and this was a good place to add an element of fun.

4_I'm still stuck on the Firenze Velvet Tassel Pillow from Anthropologie.  And the graphic, black and white LAPPLJUNG RUTA pillow from IKEA I had in our former living room will be relocated to Ella's new room.

5_Jenny Lind Bed in black from Land of Nod

6_I am having a hard time finding a rug I like for the room.  The previous one just doesn't fit with this new direction.  I'm hoping I can find something a wool rug with a classic, vintage feel in deep jewel tones that will grow with the the room as Ella gets older.

7_The Eames RAR Molded Plastic Rocker in lime from Herman Miller will be following Ella to her new, big girl room.

8_Ella's curtains from her former room will grace the two large windows in this room as well.  One pair may require a hem to lift them up above an existing radiator.

9_A big girl bed deserves a big girl nightstand.  I found this one on Overstock - the Atlantic Powder-coated Metal Side Table.  At just under $40, this will be an easy piece to swap out in the future and the basic white table will be a good base for a colorful lamp.

We are currently stripping wallpaper in Ella's room and prepping for paint.  Updates to come!

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  1. cool bed! i might have to buy myself one of those nightstands. but maybe for a plant...


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