Monday, March 17, 2014

the last snow day

I am praying that the title of this post will prove true, making last Wednesday officially the last snow day of this winter season.  And though I won't miss the snow, I will miss spending these days inside with Ella.  Most of them anyway.  

On the last snow day, we spent the morning making homemade play dough, something I have been meaning to do with Ella for a long while.  I grabbed the recipe from here, and they grabbed it from somewhere else.  There are a million recipes online for play dough so I just picked one.

The coolest part was watching mixture become doughy on the stove top in a matter of minutes.  Not so fun was the part where you have to color it all.  I  definitely overestimated the amount of time required for this part of the process and had to keep Ella at bay while I kneaded, and kneaded, and kneaded, and kneaded . . . you get the idea.  By the time I was done turning six lumps of dough into the colors of the rainbow, Ella had found something else to do.  I put each lump in a plastic bag and stashed them in her craft cabinet for a rainy day.  Or on those days when a missed nap requires something extra special to distract her from herself (like today).

*Pictures shown are not illustrative of the happy play dough playing times had immediately after said play dough was made.

happy making!

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