Tuesday, March 18, 2014

some more bathroom progress

I love our contractors and they do great work BUT they are so slow!  We returned home just over a week ago now and we are still showering at the Y.  Even Ella, who got a kick out of our frequent trips to the Y to shower at first, seems to be tiring of the whole process.  She asks me at least once a day if she can take a bath in her new bathtub.  Sigh . . .

Despite my dissatisfaction with the schedule, I am very happy with the way the bathroom is looking.

All of tile is in except for a few remaining bullnose pieces around the shower niche.  Calculating tile amounts for a tile job of this size was quite new to me.  I over ordered the wall tile and black liner accent tiles, but severely underestimated the number of bullnose pieces I would need due to the three outside corners in the bathroom.  I am happy to say, however, that I was dead on with the floor tile.  And this is the first time I've been able to see it all uncovered.  I'm so glad that we went with the marble instead of the ceramic.  It adds another texture to the mix which this large space can certainly handle.

Everything was just grouted today and soon, I'll be priming and painting the walls and ceiling before the light fixtures, medicine cabinet, and recessed fixture trims are installed.  We are also waiting on the door for the new linen closet.  I tried to track down a door at local architectural salvage yards and recycling centers with no luck, so we are having a new wood door made to match the rest throughout the house.

Would it be wrong to just paint the bathroom white?  If not white, perhaps a very pale shade of grey/blue?

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