Monday, January 27, 2014

this weekend: bowling!

The weather around here has really become quite a drag!  I have learned that, in order to survive (meaning stay sane) winters here, one must become comfortable with driving on snowy and slippery terrain and bundling up to keep warm in below freezing temperatures to make it out of the house.  Because, let's be honest, staying inside for more than a day with a toddler is just, well, insanity!

This past weekend we did just that: bundled up and headed to the bowling alley.  This has become a new favorite, family activity.  My husband got a ball and shoes for Christmas and he's been quite intent on getting the most use out of them as possible.  I'm not gonna argue, because frankly, it's a great activity for all of us.

For the first time, though, they had shoes in Ella's size (6)!  She was so in love with them, she didn't want to give them back.  I kind of liked them too.

Sometimes we just help her to push the ball down the lane, but this weekend she used the ramp contraption where she could place her ball atop a metal frame and simply push it, down the metal frame where it would pick up speed and continue on down the lane.  Handy for all so that her balls didn't take several centuries to reach the pins!

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