Wednesday, November 13, 2013

new project: kitchen inspiration

I mentioned in my post two weekends ago that I had been in Cincinnati measuring for a new project - a ranch house built in 1948 in pretty much original condition.  The kitchen and the bathroom are fairly tidy for a home this age, but neither functions the way my client needs them to so we are gutting both.

We did find out, however, that the home's beautiful oak floors have been protected by hideous, wall-to-wall carpeting almost since the day the home was built, just waiting to be uncovered and enjoyed.  Finding that out made me very happy.

But I was initially a little conflicted on what the appropriate style might be for the home.  I use the word style loosely here because I am not, by any means, a purist.  I do appreciate original detail, metal cabinets, and the mauve tile used when the home was built,  but I do not think that the home needs to be re-made into an updated version of it's old self.  I do think that the homes age and architecture (or lack thereof) do call for a little moderation of what it will become in the future.  For example, I believe it would be asinine (or perhaps just a waste of money) for me to introduce heavily detailed moldings or 6-paneled doors into the home.  We surely know what the home is not.  But I am not opposed to modernizing an old home - combing existing features with a more minimal aesthetic.  That is just my own personal style.

However, after talking with the client and getting a sense for her style and tastes, I think we are heading toward an updated style inspired by the time in which the home was built, blending a 50's vibe with classic details and finishes that never go out of, well, style.  Here are a few images of kitchen's I've gathered that make me really excited about the direction we're headed . . . 

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  1. Love the red and white, and the floor in the blue kitchen? Drool!


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