Thursday, November 21, 2013

make: holiday (tp roll) garland

Ever since the dusting of snow we had a few weeks ago, the holiday spirit has been slowly creeping its way into my life.  The fact that holiday wreaths appeared at the mall before Halloween had even arrived had me a little peeved.  But my Scrooge moment is gone and I'm starting to get excited for travel, family visits, and what will be our first official Christmas donning Santa hats for our little girl (at least the first Christmas where she'll notice and get it).

With a renovation in full swing at our house, not scheduled to be completed until the beginning of December, a tree is probably not in the cards for us this holiday.  But I've see a few images with simple arrangements of branches in large vases that I think will suit our space (or lack thereof) perfectly this year.  And to decorate it . . . lots of not to heavy, homemade ornaments are in the works.  And the garland is done!

Ella's loose parts bin had been overflowing with toilet paper rolls and I had been searching for a way to use the excess (I've been pinning a lot of great ideas).  But I ended up using them for this!  I used about eight tp rolls, craft paint, pinking shears, a needle and cotton string to assemble this garland.  It was so easy.  Here's how I did it:

1_ Flatten your toilet paper rolls, using a bone folder to ensure that the creases are smooth.  A rigid ruler would also work.  

2_ Paint your rolls with craft paint.  I used three colors and each roll took at least two coats of paint for a nice finish.

3_ Once dry, use a ruler to mark your tp rolls every 1" with a pencil.  Then use your pinking shears to trim the edges and cut the tp rolls on each mark, giving you about 1" wide rings.

4_ Using a crafting needle, string the tp rolls onto a generous length of cotton thread by piercing the centers of each crease on the rings.

5_ Tie off the ends leaving a loop for hanging and enjoy!

I don't, unfortunately, have a place to hang this just yet but I'll be sure to post pics as soon as I've figured out where it will hang.

Happy (holiday) making!

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