Wednesday, October 2, 2013

books we love: I Can Do It Myself

I began writing the toys we love and books we love posts this summer while we were away from our home.  They ended up being pretty popular. Getting a text message from a friend with a photo of her daughter's Stackadoo tower or an email with a picture of someone's granddaughter holding up a new gift was pretty awesome.  So, I'm excited to continue these posts today with a few new favorites in our house; Stephen Krensky's board books I Can Do It Myself! and Now I Am Big!, both illustrated by Sara Gillingham.

I picked both of these books up from a local bookstore just before Ella's second birthday (she got a lot of books from us for her birthday).  I was immediately drawn to the simple and colorful illustrations -   they have an almost fifties, retro vibe - and the stories were short, rhymed, and carried perfect messages for any toddler.  Both books celebrate the newfound independence of toddlers and help remind them, and us, of all the things they can now do on their own.

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