Tuesday, October 22, 2013

accessorize this: mid-century dining room console

I rarely accessorize.  I always forget about it.  I have the stuff - scarves, jewelry, belts, but it's not often I pull them out and figure out which of them to put on.  I tend to wear the same two pairs of earrings, or the same necklace, over and over again until I lose them or they break, and then I'm heartbroken because I have to acquaint myself with a new pair - you know, get used to looking at myself in the mirror wearing them without thinking they look ridiculous and like I'm trying to accessorize (I know, I'm crazy). 

My house is the same way.  I do have things that I've collected and love but I feel like I never know where to put them or how to display them.  I'll arrange my collection of white bud vases on the mantle only to pack them up a few weeks later because I fear the mantle has gotten too crowded.  I do not feel confident when it comes to accessorizing my space (or myself, obviously).  It's probably why I loved watching Emily Henderson in her HGTV show Secrets of a Stylist.  She could always make a room feel complete but collected at the same time.  So I've decided to try and start accessorizing (my home, not myself - yet).  Why not start with my mid-century dining room console since I've been obsessing over making some small tweaks in the dining room lately.

Here is the console as it exists now.  I've tried but I don't think that anything about the current arrangement is doing this gorgeous mid-century piece justice.  Sure, it doesn't help that we store toys next to it.  Perhaps a potted plant might look a bit nicer?  The silhouette of Ella is supposed to be hanging in her room.  It's still here from her birthday celebration in June (oops).  I definitely still need a place for a bar tray of some sort, or, on second thought, maybe these items can find a new home in the renovated kitchen.  I'm planning on this lamp finding a permanent home here, but I am still searching for a new shade.  In the meantime, I'll be digging out all of the items I've previously packed away to see what I can make of them in light of the fantastic images I've found.

Yes, these fantastic images . . . 

source 1 / source 2
source 1 / source 2
I'm definitely missing a plant and hope a good friend who just happens to create some fantastic arrangements in even more spectacular containers can help me out!  I'm loving all of the offerings from Fern Studio right now.  Check out her website in the meantime!

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