Monday, July 1, 2013

this weekend: oh, to start off with a bang and then fizzle out

This weekend was a long one, not literally . . . it just felt oddly long.  And not in a good, we-have-an-extra-day-and-we've-done-so-much-already kind of way, but in a what-the-heck-have-we-spent-our-time-doing-all-weekend way.

It started off well enough with a Friday night date of sorts for my husband and I.  It wasn't really a date exactly, because all the fuss and arrival of the babysitter was spurred only by the fact that he had a work event to attend, but we went out, sans Ella, so I guess I'll stick with date.  It was actually our first time spent in Ohio City since arriving in Cleveland in May and we had a great time eating local food, touring a few of his co-workers homes, and then finally ending up at Nano Brew Cleveland, playing a life-sized game of Jenga (and by life-sized, I mean about 4 feet tall and made of 2x4's).

We continued our local exploration on Saturday morning for brunch at The Katz Club Diner.  Great food, zero wait, and a pretty good cup of joe.  I think Ella's french toast took the cake (though the waffle was a solid second in my book).

And that's where our weekend hit a wall . . . we were all a bit shaken up after an unfortunate incident on Saturday afternoon, and so, the rest of the weekend was a bit blah.  Which is too bad since our time here in Cleveland is winding down quickly.

On the upside, I checked off another freelance design project from my list Sunday night!

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