Sunday, June 9, 2013

this weekend: back in CLE

 After a LONG week in Cincinnati cleaning my house in preparation for new tenants, it was nice to be back in Cleveland with my husband for the weekend.  We had a great pancake breakfast at Eat at Joe's on Saturday morning, followed by an emergency eyeglass shopping trip (always have a backup pair that isn't broken) for Ted.

On Sunday, we checked one more thing off my CLE To-Do List with a trip to On The Rise Artisan Breads in Cleveland Heights.  The fresh bread smelled amazing . . . actually everything smelled amazing.  We ordered up a few pecan rolls, a plain croissant, a raspberry croissant, and one very large oatmeal raisin cookie (Ella's favorite).  Some things are just meant to be eaten right away.


  1. Gorgeous pics as usual! Did you buy or make Ella's hair tie? If you made, tutorial please!!

    1. Thanks Elise! So the hair band is from Juniper Wilde on Etsy. Nicole makes the cutest stuff.


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