Friday, March 8, 2013

this (long) weekend: new orleans {part 3}

Sunday was our most touristy (it's a real word, I looked it up) day in New Orleans. We started of at Jackson Square, browsing the art vendors' works, but were focused on our primary destination, Cafe Du Mondeon the other side.

We waited about 15 minutes to get seated, ordered the requisite beignet's and hot chocolate (coffee for me), and chatted until I felt a warm, wet sensation on my lap.  Ella had completely peed through her diaper.  I quickly got up, grabbed my diaper bag and we headed to the restrooms at the Cafe.  Big mistake!  Has anyone been in these things before?  They were tiny and GROSS.  But what choice did I have.  The pee was continuing to seep through her pants as I contemplated my options.  No where to set my bag down except the floor.  No where to change her except the floor.  So, the floor it was.  I luckily had a changing pad in my bag to layout before putting her down but, after I changed her diaper, I realized that I had no back-up pants!

So I dried her pants as much as I could, pulled them back on, and we went back to our table to enjoy our beignet's.  They were delicious and immediately snapped me out of my pee-induced funk.  And after we finished we headed to Baby One, right down the street, for a new pair of pants.

With the new, dry pants in place, we headed out on our walking tour of the French Quarter.  We hit-up Molly's on the Market for an Iced Irish Coffee (amazing), strolled down Royal Street browsing the galleries and antique shops, and then, as soon as Ella fell asleep, began to make our way down Bourbon Street.  It's one of those places you just have to see (and smell) to understand what it's really like.  We came, we saw, we gawked, we held our noses, and we left.  Perhaps the one place on Bourbon Street worth visiting, however, is Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, believed to be the oldest building used as a bar in the US.  This is also the first (and hopefully last) location at which Ella received a strand of beads.  That's what you get for being overly friendly to a nice drunk wandering by.

We ended our tour at Bar Tonique for an excellent cocktail and then went in search of a place with great food and good happy hour deals!  Borgne was the perfect respite from the grit of the Quarter.  We snacked on Catfish Sliders, Pork Empanadas, Duck Poppers, and Crawfish Croquetas.

This is the last post on our fantastic trip to New Orleans.  We didn't get to visit nearly everything we would have liked to so I guess we'll just have to go back!

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