Friday, February 8, 2013

found: paper eskimo baking cups

i love to bake, though i would hardly call myself a pro. sometimes i have great successes, and other times, gigantic flops (and usually when it counts). so when i see a product that might entice an eater to be brave and try what lies beyond the thin wall of a paper baking cup, i snatch it up. easy style for something that, knowing me, might not always turn out so pretty.

enter: paper eskimo baking cups! remember my obsession with navy? i picked these up precisely as a result of this. i love these small rigid baking cups in navy and white stripes with a scalloped edge. but if navy, or stripes for that matter, aren't you're thing, paper eskimo has a myriad of other options.

tonight, i'll be serving up a vanilla cupcake with a chocolate buttercream frosting to a room of soon-to-be-lawyers. and thankfully, today was one of my successes!

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